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Current investors include Deepbridge Capital, Catapult Ventures, GM&C Life Sciences Fund, MTI Ventures, SPARK Impact, Central Manchester NHS Foundation Trust, The University of Manchester, and individuals.


Grant Funding

Grant funding has been provided by SBRI Healthcare, Innovate UK, Corridor Manchester, GM Academic Health Science Network, and The British Heart Foundation.

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Investor Testimonials

Central Manchester University Hospital

"The Renephra technology was conceived by clinicians who are working at the frontline with patients that suffer from Chronic fluid overload. They set out to develop ways of managing these patients that offered a more acceptable way of caring for them that was less intrusive and debilitating than current regimes and that could also enable them to live more normal lives, taking part in family, social and economic life. Thus, there is a mission identified market-pull that underlies the development of this technology.

The Trust has been involved in the development of this idea since the early stages of IP capture, protection and development. We have continued to support it through initial proof of concept grants and also early stage investments that have enabled the product to go through a number of technology iterations and clinical trials with our patients here at Central Manchester University Hospital Foundation Trust.

We are continuing to support the Renephra team, including the clinicians, to further develop this and bring it as rapidly as possible to market. We are confident that with the experienced management team that is now assembled, alongside a committed clinical team and hospital host, that we can accelerate this exciting product in to the market and to bring benefit to patients in the UK and worldwide.

We would be very pleased to discuss this with any potential investors."

Keith Chantler
Director of Innovation
Central Manchester University Hospital
March 2017

Deepbridge Capital

"Fluid overload has catastrophic consequences in a number of serious medical conditions including kidney disease and heart failure. End-stage dialysis patients, in particular, have relatively few options to relieve this serious medical conditions. Renephra’s eloquent solution could provide an viable alternative, extracting fluid from interstitial fluid. Recent pilot clinical trial results with an improved protocol provided encouraging results and we are delighted to further support the business in its clinical trials and device development to CE Mark."

Dr Savvas Neophytou
Head of Life Sciences
Deepbridge Capital LLP
March 2017

MTI Ventures

"MTI Ventures is a substantial investor in Renephra and going into this funding round the largest shareholder. We are delighted to have Catapult Ventures on board as the lead investor in this round and we are excited about the fundraising process of Syndicate Room and the opportunities it offers.

Renephra is a very exciting business tackling a very important medical problem; fluid overload as a result of cardiovascular disease, renal disease and cancer. Current treatment methods either have poor results, significant side effects or carry a significant impairment of life quality. Medical science really needs a more effective fluid management technology and we know that fluid management is a core interest of several multinational life sciences companies.

We believe that a simple solution to this problem, and one that is capable of being administered by patients, will become commercially valuable. Renephra’s recent positive clinical data in humans suggests that Renephra’s technology might provide this solution.

We have been working with the team for several years and believe that their plan for addressing the opportunity is robust."

Mark Rahn
MTI Ventures
March 2017


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