Pioneering the treatment of
fluid overload and oedema

Renephra Ltd is a medical device company developing a groundbreaking Transdermal Fluid Removal (TFR) technology for minimally invasive fluid removal.

We are targeting the significant problems of fluid overload and chronic oedema / lymphoedema in vascular, oncology and other disease areas.

This is a substantial patient group with unmet clinical needs and is an estimated £1billion market worldwide.

Having achieved proof of concept in humans, Renephra is raising £400k to conduct device development study and design feasability.

Recent News

February 2018

Renephra has received investment from Deepbridge Capital, Catapult Ventures, and private investors.

Deepbridge Capital
GMC Life Sciences Fund
Catapult Ventures

December 2017 | Innovate UK

Renephra has been awarded a £90k Biomedical Catalyst Feasibility Studies award.

Innovate UK

December 2017 | British Heart Foundation Translational Award

Our Transdermal Fluid Removal development study has received funding support from the British Heart Foundation

June 2015 | MedTech Strategist

Start-Ups to Watch: “Renephra. Home-Based Fluid Removal for Fluid Overload and Chronic Edema.” by Mary Stuart.


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